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Server Technology Launches A New Version Of Sentry Power Manager Software

RENO, Nev.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Server Technology, the industry leader for Power Distribution Unit and Management Solutions, announces the availability of the newest version of the Sentry Power Manager (SPM) software, version 4.1.0. SPM is a product capable of monitoring and managing multiple Sentry devices in IP-based enterprise networks. SPM provides a global view of all Sentry Power Distribution Units (PDUs) with the ability to view devices based on their temperature, humidity, current and device status. It can also be used to provide reporting and trending information. This latest version of SPM incorporates some substantial upgrades and new features, never before available in early versions. 4.1.0's development was focused on current user feedback. The improvements were a result of that feedback so that the needs of the Data Center Managers could be met and to provide them a tool which effectively monitors and manages multiple PDUs across their one, or multiple, data centers.

The Sentry Power Manager v.4.1.0 software's biggest enhancement is an operating system change from Windows XP to Linux. This means there will be increased security, reliability, and functionality thanks to the Open Source Software. The new View display size has a scrolling capability, which allows you to import larger images and maps for your visual PDU layout. There are faster network communications and CDU discovery, along with improved alarming and logging with more information and a descriptive popup alarm list. Version 4.1.0 features two new power reports, a collapsible side menu to increase view display area, and cosmetic improvements have been implemented based on user feedback. Also to note, there is upgrade support including automated upgrades. This gives this release of SPM superior usability compared to the previous edition.

If you have purchased a Software Support Agreement, upgrades are provided free of charge during the life of the agreement. Due to the significance of this Software upgrade related to the operating system change, you will need to consult with Server Technology's Technical Support team or your sales representative in order to establish an upgrade plan for your Sentry Power Manager system. Additionally, Server Technology can provide you with on-site assistance coupled with Professional Services to further configure your application to meet your specific operating environment.
About Server Technology
Server Technology, Inc., designs and manufactures intelligent power distribution products for enterprise data centers, service providers and branch office locations. Founded in 1984, Server Technology is recognized as a leader in innovative Remote Power Management solutions. The company's line of Sentry??? power products eliminates unnecessary trips to remote locations and minimizes the impact of locked-up internetworking equipment on business critical networks, combining intelligent power distribution, remote power monitoring and management and power measurement. Server Technology is headquartered in Reno, Nevada with worldwide distribution and regional offices in the United Kingdom, Germany and Singapore and can be reached at (775) 284-2000, or on the Web at