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Server Rack Quiets Work Areas

TORRANCE, Calif. -- GizMac Accessories, designer and manufacturer of the XRackPro2 server rack enclosure cabinets for noise reduction, announce a new XRackPro2 design begins shipping.

GizMac is now shipping a new version of the 12U size XRackPro2 server rack that provides better cooling and more noise reduction than the previous model. This new XRackPro2 12U incorporates the same design that the recently released 4U, 25U and the upcoming 6U XRackPro2 server racks are built around.

Cooling in the new 12U XRackPro2 server rack is improved by moving the air intake from the sides to the bottom of the enclosure. Cooling efficiency was increased by bringing in the cooler room air nearer to the ground and by focusing the cooler incoming air upward along the inside front of the XRackPro2 server rack. Because most rackmount systems have their intake for cooling at the front of their chassis, the effect of the new XRackPro2 design is significantly better cooling.

Noise reduction in the new 12U XRackPro2 server rack is also improved. Re-locating the air intake to substantially increase cooling allowed the new design to use one less fan for moving air through the XRackPro2. With this change and a few other modifications, the newly re-designed 12U XRackPro2 reduces noise up to 80%.

"This cooler and quieter 12U XRackPro2 is important to companies buying new technology." says Ken Vitto, Director of Marketing for GizMac Accessories, "With equipment manufacturers creating smaller and more powerful rack mounted systems, many companies are now buying equipment that will run hotter and louder than they expect."

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