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Savvis Cites Security Challenges

The head of security at Web hosting giant Savvis bemoaned the lack of interoperability among different security products and urged users to harden” their servers at the Information Security Decisions conference in New York today.

Bill Hancock, Savvis's chief security officer told NDCF that the service provider relies on a plethora of technologies for firewalling and identity management, but getting them to link up is another matter. “Most security tools are off the shelf -- they do not talk to each other,” explained Hancock.

Savvis, for example, relies on a host of different vendors in the identity management space. “There’s 18 companies out there; none of them talk to each other,” he moaned. “You end up buying 18 products and trying to integrate them.”

Hancock is not the first user to voice his concern about identity management. Other execs have already complained that current offerings do not offer the breadth of functionality they need. (See CIOs Face Identity Crisis and Identity Management Heats Up.)

A number of organizations, including ChoicePoint and LexisNexis, have suffered high-profile security breaches during recent months, so it is hardly surprising that identity management is so high on Savvis's agenda. (See LexisNexis Begins Mailing Notifications.)

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