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RNA Networks Broadens Reach Of Memory Virtualization With RNAcache

Portland, Ore. - June 22, 2009 - RNA networks, the leader in memory virtualization software that transforms server memory into a shared network resource, today announced it has extended its Memory Virtualization Platform (MVP) product family with the release of RNAcache.  RNAcache allows servers to leverage RNA's unlimited pool of memory by loading entire working datasets into a single shared, virtual memory pool for simultaneous access and processing.  RNAcache significantly lowers the cost of supporting business critical, memory-intensive applications without making further investments in costly data center equipment, enabling companies to wring as much revenue potential out of existing servers as possible.

"We're seeing a flurry of announcements that attempt to address the critical need for more memory. However most of these approaches require adoption of proprietary or expensive hardware, changes to software or are simple workarounds that do not directly solve the problem.  None have come close to directly addressing the limitations of memory for data center applications like RNA networks," said XXXX analyst.  "RNAcache takes the concept of memory virtualization to an entirely new level and delivers value to the business, not just to the IT organization.

Broadly applicable to a variety of industries, RNAcache provides line speed processing of the most memory intensive and I/O bound applications including predictive analytics and modeling, high volume Internet applications and clustered environments without requiring changes to applications, OS or storage.
An investment management firm using RNAcache said, "With RNAcache, our analytic models that previously took 1.5 hours ran in a matter of minutes - showing a 1,728 percentage performance improvement."  In this case, RNA's unlimited memory pool held a working dataset of 3 Terabytes across hundreds of compute nodes.

"With RNAcache enterprises can take advantage of a transparent solution for application acceleration that maximizes the revenue potential of today's data center," said Clive Cook, CEO, of RNA networks.  "RNAcache contributes to business growth and success as measured by the top line results of a company's P&L statement.  Our software has shown repeatedly how enterprises can grow revenue, add customers and capture business opportunities by directly solving application server memory limitations and I/O challenges."

RNAcache: Analytics, Simultaneous Users, Clusters and Clouds

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