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RMI Announces Extended Support of XLS Multi-core Multi-threaded Processor Family to Wind River's VxWorks 6.7

CUPERTINO, CA - Sept. 15, 2009 - RMI Corporation, a leading provider of high-performance processors for communication and media rich applications, today announced that Wind River's standards-based VxWorks 6.7 has been extended to support RMI's industry leading multi-core multi-threaded XLS Processor family. Earlier versions of VxWorks have supported RMI's XLR Processor and VxWorks 6.7 supports the XLR family as well. Wind River's VxWorks 6.7 allows system designers to select the optimal multicore design configuration, asymmetric multiprocessing (AMP) or symmetric multiprocessing (SMP), to enable the XLR and now XLS to operate at the highest performance thresholds while maintaining or reducing power consumption. In addition, VxWorks 6.7 is designed to meet the demands of manufacturers looking to lower device materials costs, consolidate system components, increase legacy re-use, and lower operating expenses, while improving time-to-market for high-quality devices with rich functionality.  

Wind River's VxWorks support of the XLS family provides RMI customers with increased options in designing next-generation products such as gateways, base stations, security appliances and other network products. In addition, with the previous support of XLR, RMI customers can now use the same software infrastructure in all their RMI based platforms, which will reduce support costs and drive down overall development costs.

"The support of RMI's multi-core and multi-threaded 64-bit MIPS-based XLR and XLS processors in Wind River's VxWorks 6.7, allows RMI to continue to grow its presence as the leader in the multi-core, multi-threaded embedded processor market," said Mark Litvack, director, business development, RMI. "We are excited to build upon our relationship with Wind River, whose VxWorks 6.7 will enable RMI to bring its customers in the infrastructure and enterprise markets added value through a high-performance real-time operating system."  

Additional key features and benefits of VxWorks 6.7 include: 
Enhancements to SMP support for performance optimizations and CPU core affinity;
Network offload support, optimized for wire speed packet processing on multi-core processors;
Enhanced capabilities for 4G networking for WiMAX and LTE (Long Term Evolution) applications.

 "Wind River's VxWorks 6.7 provides a high-performance real-time environment for advanced multi-core and multi-threaded processors such as RMI's XLS product family," said Marc Brown, vice president of marketing and strategy, VxWorks Product Division, Wind River. "We collaborated with RMI to add the OS support to the XLS processors and enable our shared customers to implement innovative new products that have industry leading performance and functionality." 

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