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Revivio Starts Talking Continuously

After 18 months in obscurity, recently renamed startup Revivio Inc. finally exited stealth mode this week, announcing that it is working on a technology it has termed "time-addressable storage" (see Revivio Outlines Strategy).

Revivio, as Byte and Switch reported last summer, has been developing automated backup and recovery software for high-end, enterprise-class servers. The Lexington, Mass.-based startup, which up until last September was called Mariko Systems, remains vague on the details of the technology, saying only that its software, baked into an appliance, will provide continuous data backup (see Who's Gobbling More Cash?).

This is radically different from the traditional use of snapshot technology, the company claims. Whereas snapshots are taken at regular intervals -- for instance, every 15 minutes or every hour -- Revivio claims that its software automatically backs up any alteration to the data.

"It allows you to instantly access the data as it existed at any point in time," says Revivio VP of marketing Kirby Wadsworth. "Every modification to the data is stored, and every block of data is time-stamped... We provide an infinite number of recovery points." [Ed. note: Almost like the Betty Ford Center.]

The time indexing system is what's unique about the appliance, he says: "We're storing data and time together."

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