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Rethinking IT: Tech Investments that Drive Business Growth

(Image: Pixabay)

Everybody knows they need to change their old technology stack and processes. But is it enough to upgrade your current systems and maybe add an analytics or AI center of excellence to handle the new initiatives? Probably not, according to a new report from consulting firm Accenture.

To get the full value out of technology investments, organizations need to focus on investing in what Accenture calls "Future Systems." Generally speaking, these future systems are a rethinking of the architecture and technology a company needs to move quickly and take advantage of tomorrow's opportunities. They use technologies like cloud, along with end-to-end data pipelines that are flexible enough for tomorrow's AI and other projects.

"Today's C-suite is investing staggering amounts of money in new technology, but not every company is realizing the benefits of innovation as a result of those investments," said Bhaskar Ghosh, group chief executive, Accenture Technology Services, in a statement. "Competing in today's data-driven, post-digital economy means organizations need to have a carefully calibrated strategy toward technology adoption and a clear vision for what their companies' future systems should look like."

Do it right and you will grow at double the rate of your less progressive peers.

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