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Report: Big Biz Driving SAN Market

Forget SMBs. Large businesses are the main buyers of storage networking, according to a recent report from Macarthur Stroud International.

"I totally disagree with the tenet that it's small to medium-sized businesses that are driving the SAN market," says Hamish Macarthur, CEO and founder of the U.K. marketing and research consultancy. Instead, he says, companies with over 500 employees are the ones that account for increased SAN adoption.

While Macarthur says this applies worldwide, his specific research in this report is focused on Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). There, what Macarthur calls distributed SANs, or implementations of storage networking involving more than one SAN segment, rose by 10 percent in 2004 to encompass 57 percent of companies surveyed.

Figure 1:

Penetration of organizations employing over 500

Most SAN installations tallied by his firm feature 16 to 24 ports, Macarthur says.

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