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Reldata Adds Wizardry to Storage Gateway

As storage networks get more complicated, managers are trying to make them simpler. And Reldata has taken a step toward meeting that demand by introducing a set of wizards for its 9240 Unified Storage Gateway.

Since the 9240 virtualizes back-end storage for a range of disk array vendors, Reldata thinks it's a logical place for users to find help in assigning LUNs, setting security and performance parameters to storage, and allocating the correct amount of iSCSI storage to specific applications.

"Storage is doubling every 18 months. Can storage administrator productivity double every 18 months? No!" says Reldata CEO David Hubbard. The answer, he says, is in leveraging existing resources, namely staff and equipment.

The wizards play right into Reldata's value proposition, which is to create a pool of IP storage from multiple available storage gear. Each 9240, for instance, comes with six 1-Gbit/s Ethernet ports, two Ultra 320 LVD SCSI ports, and two 4-Gbit/s Fibre Channel ports, among other interfaces. There's also an optional 10-Gbit/s Ethernet link for SAS connectivity. Block- and file-level data is fed into the 9240, where it is virtualized for distribution across an IP network.

Reldata also sells systems equipped with integral storage, which the vendor says can also interact with heterogeneous arrays.

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