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Reclaim Valuable Storage Capacity With Sungard Availability Services' Storage Optimization Service

Wayne, Pa., July 7, 2009 -- In today's business environment, organizations face two competing data storage challenges.  Tightening budgets are forcing many companies to scale back IT spending, but at the same time, data growth continues to increase exponentially increasing pressure to invest in more storage capacity.  According to Forrester Research, storage represents at least 11 percent or more of IT hardware budgets*.  These growing storage needs are largely due to transactional systems, data warehouses and rapidly growing e-mail traffic.  

With the goal of a proactive and efficient data center in mind, SunGard Availability Services' consulting practice has developed a five-step storage optimization service that helps organizations reclaim valuable storage capacity while meeting their information availability goals.

Clean up the noise.  During this initial step, SunGard's storage consultants work closely with the organization to monitor both server to storage and storage to server communications.  During this four to six week process, organizations can expect to find capacity that is undetected, underutilized or unmanaged - otherwise known as "wasted space."

Tier the data.  The second step focuses on achieving an operationally efficient and fiscally optimized infrastructure.  During this step, both applications and data sets are classified based on the following three questions: what are the files; how old are they; and when were they last accessed.  By asking these questions as well as conducting interviews with business and IT management, SunGard's consultants can recommend tiered strategies that align business need with availability and performance.

Secure and optimized.  During third step, SunGard will identify how an organization can implement a centralized, policy-based infrastructure and manage the information based on its actual business value.  SunGard will then provide recommendations to help the organization shrink its backup windows while speeding up restore processes.

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