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A Radical Plan for Enterprise Transformation

(Source: Pixabay)

Want your organization to be on track for the kind of growth that digital-native startups enjoy? It may sometimes seem like these organizations have a head start because they don’t already have infrastructure in place. There's a certain freedom that comes with starting fresh. Every decision they make is a new choice, based on today’s technology market. But established organizations can learn a few lessons from how these startups have built their infrastructure.

The real leaders among established businesses are those organizations that will jump in and leverage today’s technology and revamp their tech infrastructure to be adaptive for multiple projects and purposes. They won't be held back by their existing tech infrastructure.

That’s among the conclusions and best practices pulled out of a new report from Accenture, based on engagements with C-level execs at more than 8,300 companies, with half in IT roles and half in non-IT roles, including 885 CEOs.

But not many organizations fit into the "Leaders" category of companies that represent just 10% of the overall study group, according to Accenture. These Leaders companies will experience much greater success, growing revenues at more than twice the rate of those in the bottom 25%. That bottom 25% is known as the "Laggards."

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