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Rackspace Adds Virtualization

SAN ANTONIO -- Rackspace, a leading provider of hosted IT services, today announced its virtualization initiative, starting with the enterprise-class support of dedicated virtualized servers. Virtualization is the newest service offering signaling Rackspace’s shift to IT hosting, transforming traditional IT functions into consumable services via the web. As more enterprises transition from purchasing in-house computing assets to leveraging service providers, Rackspace now offers a suite of hosted IT services that are more reliable and provide better value, including virtualization, hosted mail, custom application support, back-end IT and storage.

Rackspace’s virtualization platform, built on VMware’s third-generation virtualization software suite, pushes virtualization to the next level in order to support mission-critical, production systems. Customers using virtualization can gain flexibility and scalability in their infrastructure, as well as simplified infrastructure management with new data protection options and on-demand provisioning. Additionally, server consolidation can be a benefit with the Rackspace virtualization offering.

“Our product development approach focuses first and foremost on Fanatical Support® readiness,” said John Engates, chief technology officer, Rackspace. “We also ask, ‘Is the technology ready to use in a production environment?’ We believe that our new virtualization offering now meets these requirements and pushes the envelope, giving customers a virtualized environment ready for mission-critical applications, supported by our wealth of experience, expertise and Fanatical Support.”

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