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Q & A With Packet Design's Judy Estrin

Even when Judy Estrin is jet-lagged from day trips to the East Coast (such is the life of a high-profile board member), it doesn't take much prodding to get her talking about networking in general, and IP-related topics in particular. Of course, anyone who would start a company called "Packet Design" is a packet-head for life, something easily ascertained with a quick glance at Estrin's estimable resume.

Networking Pipeline caught up with Estrin last week, and got her opinions on a wide range of matters networking, including a look at what's interesting for the short- and long-term (like the combination of management and security) and why the first inch of networking might be more important than the last mile.

Networking Pipeline: What is your view on the "state of the state" of networking and IT? Is this a real recovery?

Judy Estrin: I think people do finally have some money. I would be very cautious to think that we're on our way up.

I think it feels good because for the first time in a while there's any budget, as opposed to budgets being cut. But I think that the sense out there is that people are only spending money on what they have to, only spending money if there is a really clear short-term return on investment. So that makes it still tough, in terms of identifying areas for growth in the marketplace.

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