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ProStor Systems Announces General Availability Of InfiniVault Release 2

Boulder, CO - June 24, 2009 - ProStor Systems, the leading supplier of removable disk storage systems for business backup and archiving, announced today that their ProStor InfiniVault is gaining widespread channel and market adoption as an alternative to tape, optical, and disk when data must be properly maintained and managed for five years or longer.  Channel partners Construction Imaging and Cranel Imaging provided examples of their success implementing ProStor InfiniVault in a variety of markets, including finance, government, healthcare, enterprise content management, construction, and gaming. Additionally, the company announced the general availability of Release 2 for their ProStor InfiniVault family of products.

"The exponential increase in data proliferation across all industries coupled with the need to intelligently manage and economically retain it provides an excellent driver for ProStor's InfiniVault adoption," says Arun Taneja, founder, president and consulting analyst of the Taneja Group. "I am impressed with their execution of product and channel strategy and their traction is impressive with customers who want to deploy a fast, affordable, secure and reliable platform for long-term data retention, e-discovery and regulatory compliance in a single, integrated system. The cost of their system compares favorably even with tape, let alone disk."

Construction Imaging, which provides imaging systems, document management, enterprise content management, workflow management, and business process re-engineering solutions to the construction industry, recently implemented ProStor InfiniVault Release 2 solutions at S.T. Wooten and Complete General. "When we were looking for a Plasmon replacement, we researched NetApp and PowerFile, but these solutions didn't meet the specific needs of our customers the way ProStor InfiniVault did - plus the prices of the other solutions were prohibitive," asserts Todd Williams, Senior Vice President of Operations and CFO, Construction Imaging.  "The main requirements that are most important to our customers are the system's longevity, scalability, meeting legal compliance requirements, and price. We chose ProStor InfiniVault because it addressed those pain points and also met our clients' data retention and backup needs.  Additionally, when comparing ProStor InfiniVault against other technologies, we found that ProStor InfiniVault was able to provide WORM and audit trail functions at the file level that were superior to the others. The fact that the RDX removable disk interface of ProStor InfiniVault guarantees the scalability and longevity of the system and the widespread adoption of RDX technology is a huge difference over optical - making ProStor InfiniVault the hands-down winner."

Chad Stigall, product marketing manager of Cranel Imaging, couldn't agree more. "Cranel Imaging has a long history with archival storage technologies. As the nation's leading value-added distributor (VAD) of ECM products and services we began selling ProStor InfiniVault in early 2009.  We've already sold 10 systems, and we've now grown our sales pipeline to include 30 technology partners. Our customers are content management resellers, and their need to meet customers' data retention management, regulatory compliance, and e-discovery is achieved consistently by ProStor InfiniVault. Most of our VARs sell into the SMB space, so ProStor InfiniVault is ideal for their buyers' compliance requirements. ProStor InfiniVault has been a great fit and is a very openly accepted technology in our market."

Cranel Imaging offers broad and deep inventories of products and supplies from industry leading supply chain partners, including document scanners from Bowe Bell and Howell, Fujitsu, Kodak, Canon, Panasonic, and Visioneer,/Xerox, archival storage from ProStor Systems, and CD/DVD/BD on demand publishing and duplication from Rimage.

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