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Proofpoint Enhances SaaS Email Archiving With eDiscovery Features

SUNNYVALE, CA-- Proofpoint, Inc., the leading provider of unified email security, email archiving and data loss prevention solutions, today introduced a new version of Proofpoint ARCHIVE, Proofpoint's SaaS email archiving solution. Part of the Proofpoint on Demand suite of cloud-based email security and compliance solutions, Proofpoint ARCHIVE makes it easy for organizations to securely archive email and solve the storage management, legal discovery and regulatory compliance challenges associated with email retention. The new version introduces features for faster and easier eDiscovery and improved management of legal holds including new policy engine and workflow enhancements, improved support for historical email, enhanced end user search capabilities and support for Instant Message (IM) archiving.

"With the new version of its email archiving solution, Proofpoint has once again established class leading capabilities," said Tyler Verri, security analyst for Sub-Zero Wolf, Inc. "Proofpoint ARCHIVE has become an even more effective and flexible tool for us with the significant enhancements to legal hold, workflow, search capabilities and the streamlined end-user interface. What was already an excellent solution is now more powerful and the new capabilities will allow users across our organization to find relevant emails more quickly and easily, whether they are engaged in legal discovery or simply personal email management."

The company also announced that the DoubleBlind Encryption technology used in Proofpoint ARCHIVE has been granted US patent #7,512,814 ("Secure and Searchable Storage System and Method") by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This breakthrough encryption technology provides Proofpoint ARCHIVE users with guaranteed data security coupled with high-speed searchability. Using DoubleBlind Encryption technology, all data stored in the Proofpoint ARCHIVE hosted datacenters is encrypted by a key held only by the customer. At the same time, all archived email remains fully searchable with results returned in seconds.

Proofpoint ARCHIVE combines storage and search in the cloud with a lightweight, on-premises appliance to deliver the performance, scalability and cost savings of SaaS while providing the highest levels of security for each organization's archived data. The Proofpoint ARCHIVE solution securely stores encrypted email data in the cloud while the on-site Proofpoint ARCHIVE appliance ensures security between the local email server and Proofpoint's storage cloud.

This separation of email data in the cloud and encryption keys on the customer's premises means that protected information is only accessible when the two components are used together. DoubleBlind Encryption is unique in that it maintains data in encrypted form while still providing full search and discovery capabilities. When an authorized user conducts search and discovery through the appliance's Web-based user interface, returned email messages are decrypted via the appliance. Without the appliance, DoubleBlind encrypted messages remain indecipherable.

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