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Post-SNW news...

Well, I'm home and somewhat settled back in. At least I'm working again, and finding out cool stuff.
Right now I'm hanging in a bunch of analysis type projects, so I'm not getting much testing in. I'm counting on my VIA project to give me some "geek time".
"What about the show?" you ask. Okay, here's my final report:
Last year everyone was out to save the world, this year they're much more subdued. Lots of talk about things we knew were coming and not much about cool new stuff. SAS was the most interesting thing I heard about.

Speaking of which, Adaptec offered me a SAS card and some drives to go with the VIA board. If that works out, we'll be walking through building that soon. I can resist a shiny new motherboard, but that AND some disk? That's all we need but a case and power supply... I won't be able to resist that for long.

I'm coming to the end of that other project I was working on, so it's time to gear up anyway, so stay tuned and we'll build a dual processor VIA NAS. Hopefully with iSCSI, but NAS is good enough.
Meanwhile, the guys at Adaptec also told me - in the same meeting - about their new blogs. Check out Adaptec Storage Blogs