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Pervasive Software's Postgres 8


• Reliable even when your system crashes
• Native Windows service support
• Free release under the BSD license


• Commercial support for only a few recent enterprise-class Linux distributions
• The pgAdmin tends to freeze

Pervasive Postgres 8, starts at $99 annually per server. Pervasive Software, (800) 287-4383.

Once the install wizard did its magic, a helpful configuration tool let me tweak settings for resource usage, query tuning, error reporting, logging and server statistics. This is one feature I wish MySQL had--where MySQL requires manual modification of configuration files, Postgres provides graphical tools to simplify the task.

I created a test user with the "pgAdmin" tool, a GUI for managing users, groups and databases that is much akin to MySQL's Command Center (mysqlcc). With pgAdmin, I was able to do almost everything the command-line tool "psql" would have allowed. Notable exceptions were starting and stopping the database, for which I ran '/opt/ pervasivepostgres/tools/pgAdminIII/bin/pgadmin3'.

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