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Orad, Isilon Team on Video Storage, Streaming

KFAR-SABA, Israel -- Orad Hi-Tec Systems Limited (Symbol: OHT), a world-leading provider of real-time broadcasting graphic solutions, and Isilon Systems, the proven leader in scale-out NAS, announced an integrated solution utilizing Isilon as the primary asset storage for Orad's array of real-time graphic solutions.

The solution enables broadcasters to organize all their assets in a single location, thereby reducing management efforts, without sacrificing performance or reliability. Broadcasters will now be able to stream video clips that have been stored on Isilon's systems directly to air using Orad's Maestro and 3DPlay controllers. The clips will be fully integrated into the 3D graphics, either as a video background or a DVE effect, or as an integral part of the graphics themselves. This integrated solution is ideal for customers requiring high availability of media assets, reliability, and scalability.

Broadcasters will no longer have to rely on multiple, large local storage locations that need to be maintained and synchronized. The new solution will provide broadcasters with substantial scalability, enabling users to add more storage or to expand their output bandwidth while on air without stopping production, and to have all assets immediately available once published.

Avi Sharir, CEO and president of Orad Hi Tech Systems, said, "Orad is continuously striving to help broadcasters increase productivity and lower expenses. This new integrated solution will provide just that: scalability, reliability, efficiency, and cost effectiveness."

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