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Onaro Launches New Products

BOSTON -- Onaro, Inc. (, the leader in data center automation for storage, announced today new solutions to extend its support for the virtualized data center and further integrate storage with IT operations. The adoption of server and storage virtualization by large enterprises has created new challenges integrating networked storage into the balance of IT operations. New and updated products in the SANscreen product family are designed to meet this challenge by providing end-to-end service visibility for both physical and virtual servers across SAN and now also NAS networked storage environments.

While server and storage virtualization are being deployed to reduce costs, each of these technologies adds management challenges for data center teams. Server virtualization requires cross domain optimization of both the server and storage environment to maximize cost savings and ensure service levels are met. Storage virtualization requires additional end-to-end visibility from the application to the back-end storage devices to optimize capacity planning and ensure application availability.

Enhancements to Service Insight, along with new NAS Insight, VM Insight, and new Array Performance Module for Application Insight, meet these challenges and integrate NAS and SAN into the balance of IT operations. The result is lower capital cost for server virtualization projects of 20% or more and a 50% decrease in application outage risk. In addition, organizations can now more effectively integrate networked storage into IT operations to reduce application provisioning times, improve cross domain trouble shooting and support broader ITSM initiatives.

The virtualized data center requires a different approach to infrastructure management that emphasizes a cross domain, service level view of the environment,” said Dave Russell, vice president of research, Gartner. “To maximize the return while minimizing the risks of large scale deployment of virtualization technology, all infrastructure teams – storage and server – need to work off a common service view of the supporting infrastructure. Only by adopting this common view can organizations advance to the next level of operational efficiency and cost cutting.”

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