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NVerzion's Elite Delivery For Pitch Blue Answers The Content Delivery Question

SALT LAKE CITY, May 25. Improving work flow efficiency for Pitch Blue users, NVerzion, a 20-year provider of automation control, monitoring and integrated storage management solutions, announced today the release of Elite Delivery, a complete hardware and software solution enabling stations to easily and economically maximize their use of the industry's newest standard in program delivery systems.

Pitch Blue, a new cache server developed by CBS, Warner Brothers and Ascent Media, provides a delivery platform for high-definition syndicated content. The solution records satellite feeds as either SD-MPEG2 or HD MPEG4 H.264 files and incorporates valuable metadata describing the video, as well as where each segment begins and ends. "The problem is," explains Scott Murphy, President and CEO of NVerzion, "none of the major server manufacturers support the MPEG4 transport stream, and consequently, we have not proven that stations can play the Pitch Blue captured content on any of the major video servers. Therefore, the customer at the station level must choose between either dubbing the material from the Pitch Blue solution to their server, or they must transcode the content. Both are time-consuming, costly, and can even result in lost or inaccurate metadata."

To speed content delivery and salvage the metadata, NVerzion's Elite Delivery combines three software applications and the hardware necessary for stations to take full advantage of all of the features of their Pitch Blue. Although completely automation agnostic and fully capable of working side by side with existing automation, Elite Delivery includes NVerzion's NControl Automation, ensuring a complete solution. In addition to the necessary hardware, the standard Elite Delivery includes:

Pitch Delivery: Moves Pitch Blue-recorded video from the Pitch Blue to a configurable destination (server, archive or transcoder). Pitch Delivery also moves all captured metadata to the automation folder for increased efficiency of the customer's work flow.

NGest Delivery: Allows stations to control their Pitch Blue output and server encoder to accurately move the video while maintaining vital metadata segment points. In addition, NGest can build a dub list to create individual files of the segments.

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