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NuView Relocates NAS Data

Six months after adding Unix support to its StorageX software, Houston-based startup NuView Inc. is back with more enhancements: The company says it has beefed up the file server management product with data lifecycle management capabilities (see NuView Manages Data Lifecycles and NuView Fills Out).

StorageX provides a global namespace, a sort of metadirectory of NAS namespaces. With version 4.0, the software now allows administrators to set up policies to automatically manage and move data across heterogeneous NAS environments based on the importance of that data. Companies using the software can, for instance, set up policies to automatically ship data to cheaper storage as it gets older and its importance diminishes, without ever changing how users access the data.

StorageX 4.0 also offers snapshot capabilities, allowing administrators to back up only changes made to data, thus helping to shorten the backup time.

"Our global namespace enables us to treat [diverse file servers] as one large pool of storage," says Rahul Mehta, NuViews founder, president, and CEO. "We can mask the complexity of the storage... Administrators can transparently move files from different tiers of storage without affecting the users."

Information lifecycle management (ILM) has become one of the hottest buzzwords in storage. Almost every company in the industry is talking about how they can (or plan to) help users match the quality of service they need for particular types of data with appropriately priced storage (see Behind EMC's New Software Splash, Veritas Moves up the Stack, and Rainfinity Gets Reinforced).

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