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Novell, Microsoft Flesh Out Partnership Terms

Microsoft and Novell this week disclosed more of their plans to collaborate on a technology road map, with the goal of producing greater product interoperability and more stable enterprise environments in four chief areas.

While it seems like Microsoft and Novell are strange bedfellows, it's a pretty natural fit. Microsoft wants to fend off VMware as it encroaches on Microsoft's server territory. To do so, it must be an excellent virtual host for other operating systems, and that's where Novell can help. For it's part Novell's SUSE Linux can only be helped by working seamlessly in Windows environments. While all that makes this announcement reasonable, history indicates that we should wait until we see the results before drawing any conclusions. Intending seamless support and actually delivering it are two very different things.

Art Wittmann
NWC Editor-in-Chief

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