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NextIO to Provide PCIe Flash-Based Storage Solutions

AUSTIN, TX - June 17, 2009 - NextIO, the premier provider of next-generation I/O solutions, and Marvell, a leader in PCIe-based storage products, today announced a collaboration to provide a robust PCIe-based flash storage solution in the NextIO PCIe system. The solution will be demonstrated for the first time at the 2009 SIFMA Technology Management Conference, June 23-25, at the New York Hilton in New York City.This NextIO and Marvell collaboration is intended to provide high-performance computing (HPC) customers with unprecedented levels of scalability for high-performance solid-state drive (SSD) storage, enabling them to choose the optimum mixture of storage, compute, and interconnect performance for their applications. At SIFMA 2009, NextIO and Marvell will demonstrate a storage solution that can achieve over 200,000 IOPs and 400GB per PCIe slot. With a total of 12 PCIe slots, the solution delivers well over one million IOPs and 4 terabytes of SSD storage in 3U, using less than 500 watts of active power.NextIO solutions provide intelligent I/O virtualization that enables the pooling and sharing of server resources, a mixture of high-performance SSDs, as well as other standard PCIe-based I/O such as GPUs. The PCIe-based flash storage system from NextIO currently runs on standard Windows?? and Linux operating systems, as well as any application."Marvell is pleased to be supporting NextIO's high-speed PCIe storage system products", said Alan Armstrong, Vice President of Marketing of the Storage Business Unit for Marvell Semiconductor. "NextIO's I/O virtualization solutions are leading the market in price, performance, and flexibility for demanding HPC applications.""Today's data centers are increasingly demanding higher performance solutions with flexibility to meet ever-changing business needs," said K.C Murphy, CEO, NextIO. "Collaborating with Marvell enables our customers to choose the optimum mixture of high-speed storage, network and SAN connectivity, creating a new paradigm in rack-level I/O." About NextIOFounded in 2003, NextIO, Inc. is the leader in next-generation I/O virtualization solutions for today's dynamic data center in a variety of industries including enterprise, telecommunications, digital media and financial services. With its innovative Adaptive Connect??? platform, NextIO offers the unique ability to virtualize I/O technology on any server, operating system, hypervisor and storage architecture. Leveraging PCI Express, NextIO offers true I/O virtualization for any end-point technology. Adaptive Connect delivers unprecedented rack-level scalability, with I/O and server resources that can be scaled independently for 50-70% savings in capital, power, and cooling. NextIO's any-to-any I/O connectivity boosts performance and reliability while streamlining IT deployment, simplifying administration and reducing costs. For more information, visit