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New Xerox E-Discovery Tool Helps Attorneys Connect Witnesses, Case Details Contained in E-mail

ROCHESTER, N.Y., July 20, 2009 - To businesses facing an investigation or litigation, the legal discovery process evokes nightmares of time consuming and expensive searches through old files, phone records and e-mail chains. To ensure critical e-mails are not overlooked, Xerox Corporation (NYSE: XRX) today unveiled E-mail Analytics, a new e-discovery tool that tracks e-mail communication patterns, often revealing information previously unknown to a case.

Using Xerox Litigation Services' E-mail Analytics, law firms and in-house counsel can simplify the discovery process and build stronger cases by instantly uncovering relevant correspondence and key witnesses within specific time periods. Attorneys select an individual, input a timeframe and get a complete picture of all related e-mail activity in a number of different graphical representations. They can also use E-mail Analytics to prepare for depositions, research new allegations, and structure and speed up reviews.

"With E-mail Analytics, our clients can easily identify communications of key players for substantive review," said Craig Freeman, senior vice president, Xerox Litigation Services. "More than 70 percent of the data we host for clients is in email, so using E-mail Analytics to track relevant messages and establish patterns will help keep responses to discovery requests simple and timely."

E-mail Analytics is the latest enhancement to the Xerox Litigation Services e-discovery platform and is supported by other analytical tools, such as near duplication detection software and e-mail threading, to help analyze sets of e-mail correspondence. These proprietary technologies are accessible from each client's custom Web site for no additional charge.
About Xerox Litigation Services
Xerox Litigation Services is one of the world's largest providers of electronic discovery services, helping corporate counsel and outside law firms reduce risk and control costs in complex e-discovery matters.