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New White Paper From Cloud Computing Centre Provides Advice To Companies Moving From On-Premises Into The Cloud

CHESSINGTON, England, May 21. A new White Paper, entitled 'Moving from On-Premise to the Cloud - the importance of partnership' by hosted managed services provider the Cloud Computing Center explains the key issues facing organizations - from infrastructure to business model - and explains the pitfalls & opportunities, as well as highlighting the critical factors of a strong cloud computing partnership. The White Paper provides recommendations and direction to companies who are looking to migrate to cloud-based applications.

The move away from on-premise into the cloud appears inexorable, with research organizations predicting a wholesale transition to cloud-based applications over the next decade. For IT providers, from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to consultancies and technology providers, this shift in approach to the acquisition of technology, from hardware to software and services, represents a major upheaval - and challenge.

Keith Bates, Chairman of the Cloud Computing Center, says, "Cloud computing and hosted managed services will without doubt become the primary method of IT delivery to organizations large and small. And while some customers may opt to 'dip a toe' in the market to assess the pros and cons, IT companies cannot afford the same luxury. This is the biggest change in business model since the inception of the industry: get it wrong, by partnering with the wrong data center, choosing the wrong pricing model or failing to incentivize the sales team correctly and organizations will rapidly be facing the prospect of business failure."

This White Paper from the Cloud Computing Centre highlights the importance of the choice of partner to the success of the moving from on-premise into the cloud. It highlights the three key areas that need to be considered when choosing to move to the cloud including Infrastructure, The Business Model and Support. It explains how without the right infrastructure in place, a move to cloud-based applications will fail before it starts and that organizations have got to understand the new requirements for the data center. The essence of the Cloud's customer appeal is the flexible model: it is therefore essential that the data center can support that flexibility without demanding massive additional cost.

"Technical infrastructure is just part of the challenge", adds Bates, "Making the application perform well in the cloud is also imperative; but so is the business model. Understanding how best to price the application, develop a cloud based contract and create a deliverable SLA are fundamental requirements of the new approach to solution delivery. Given the very real financial challenges that ISVs will incur during the on premise to cloud transition, it is essential to get the business model right from day one. And this must also include the way support services are delivered."

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