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New Pills for Migration Headaches

Although large data migration jobs often mean long hours and lots of uncertainty for storage administrators, a few who feared the worst had an easier time than expected with new tools.

Traditionally, data migration projects are long processes that can be unpredictable, especially when large SANs are involved. The process can take days, and thats if everything goes right. Migration tools usually don’t do a good job of shortening the process, or providing a good idea of how long it will take.

“Pick your poison,” one analyst who asked not to be named says when discussing migration tools. “There are a ton of data migration products -- Softek, StoreAge, Kashya, EMC’s SRDF, EMC SANcopy, NetApp SNAPmirror. Like I said, ‘Pick your poison.’”

But ask around, and it appears there are some solutions popping up that may be easier to swallow than others -- depending on your circumstances. New forms of help could be on the way. Last week Brocade launched its Tapestry Data Migration Manager (DMM) product, and today Xosoft announced InMotion software and Softek and EMC rolled out a collaboration on mainframe migration software called Logical Data Migration Facility (LDMF).

For example, Randy Simons, director of data center operations at Rancho Santiago Community College in California, found predictability an advantage in using Brocade’s DMM. (See Brocade Rolls Out Gear .)

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