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New EMC Centera Virtual Archive Raises the Bar in Digital Archive Management and Scale

EMC Corporation, the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, today announced powerful new virtualization and aggregation capabilities for its market-leading EMC Centera family of content addressed storage (CAS) systems. The new Centera Virtual Archive allows customers to federate multiple Centera systems to create a single, highly scalable digital archive. Most significantly, the Centera Virtual Archive simplifies management of archives at scale and distance, delivering significant operating efficiencies.

EMC Centera Virtual Archive, available immediately, provides a number of key customer benefits:

  • Enables multiple Centera systems to be aggregated together into a single, tamper-proof, virtual archive addressable by one or many applications.
  • Enables new capacity and processing power to be added beyond the existing boundaries of a single Centera system or a single data center.
  • Enables multiple Centera systems at distributed sites to be aggregated into a single management domain (subject to network bandwidth limitations).
  • Enables flexible allocation and reallocation of distributed archive capacity to meet changing requirements.

Key Facts:

  • EMC Centera systems and the Centera Virtual Archive are designed to help customers meet their most demanding data retention, compliance and disposition policies at the lowest possible lifecycle cost.
  • Centera pioneered the concept of CAS-tightly integrated archive functionality with simplified management-and continues to lead the category.
  • Today, EMC Centera systems are used by more than 5,500 customers for their most critical archiving applications-medical images, financial statements, call records-anywhere authenticity and governance must be assured over the lifetime of the data.

Analyst Quote:
Charles King, president and principal analyst of Pund-IT, Inc., said, "Companies around the world are facing challenges with managing information that lives throughout their organizations. Making archived information quickly and easily accessible while securely safeguarding it puts a significant strain both on IT infrastructures and budgets. By aggregating capacity and managing information distributed across multiple Centera systems and locations, EMC's new Centera Virtual Archive can help organizations simplify critical archive processes without increasing complexity or cost."

Customer Quote:

Mal Griffin, Chief Information Officer for British Columbia's Interior Health authority, said, "Interior Health has made significant investments in electronic health records and PACS technology to help our staff deliver better and faster care to our patients. Our EMC Centera systems are a key part of the infrastructure which supports a wide geographic area and the new Centera Virtual Archive capabilities will allow us to maximize our storage investment, ensure seamless migrations between data centers and also plan for future information growth as the healthcare landscape continues to evolve."

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