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New Data-Center Management Software Delivers Native Virtualization

Calling it an industry first, Virtual Iron Software has debuted a new version of its virtualization-management software that integrates the open-source Xen hypervisor, allowing users and developers to run both 32- and 64-bit Linux and Windows applications without any modifications.

Most significantly, the new software suite, called Virtual Iron Version 3, will help users reduce the cost and technical complexity of managing data centers without having to invest more in their existing software stack.

Version 3, unveiled Monday at LinuxWorld, is the first to deliver "native virtualization," meaning it takes full advantage of Intel’s recently announced Virtualization Technology. Intel has built hardware-assisted capabilities into its processors and therefore does not require installation or management of the virtualization services on the physical servers.

Consequently, users are able to carry out data-center management more efficiently and less expensively. The new architecture also enables Virtual Iron to support both Linux and Windows operating systems, company officials say.

Virtual Iron officials also believe the new version will allow the company to compete in a much broader market.

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