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Netlist Demonstrates 'Datacenter in a Box' At Interop Featuring HyperCloud Memory

IRVINE, Calif., April 21. Netlist, Inc. today announced that it will be demonstrating a full featured enterprise service portfolio "Datacenter in a Box," highlighting its HyperCloud memory technology at Interop 2010. Addressing the need for datacenter efficiency, "Datacenter in a Box" will showcase how companies can now run a datacenter from a single dual socket Supermicro server utilizing eighteen, 16GB 2vRank HyperCloud DIMMs (288GB DRAM) and virtualization software.

"The industry is seeing steady growth in virtualization, which is forcing IT managers to revaluate their network infrastructure to fully optimize datacenters," said Eric Nagel, principal analyst for Inflection Point Research. "Companies like Netlist are successfully addressing datacenter needs by developing memory technologies such as HyperCloud that further enable server consolidation and overall virtualization efficiency."

Enterprises are today facing the common datacenter constraints of cost, power, and space limitations. "Datacenter in a Box" addresses these constraints by maximizing DRAM capacity in a server, which optimizes virtualization capabilities. Leveraging the benefits of HyperCloud, more applications can run on a single server, as the number of virtual machines per server and the amount of DRAM allocated to each virtual machine can be maximized. This increased virtualization efficiency further reduces datacenter hardware, software, and operating costs.

"The 'Datacenter in a Box' demonstration underscores how HyperCloud can optimize server utilization in memory intensive applications such as virtualization and cloud computing," said Paul Duran, director of business development for Netlist. "HyperCloud can improve overall efficiency for datacenters and alleviate some of the headaches associated with cost, power, and space restrictions."

For the demonstration, Netlist will utilize 16GB 2 vRank HyperCloud DIMMs featuring an 18-slot Supermicro dual socket server (SYS-6026T-NTR+-GS015) with Intel Westmere CPUs (6-Cores) as the hardware. The demonstration will also utilize vSphere(TM) virtualization software from VMware, Linux and Microsoft-based host software, and applications that include E-mail, web, virtual desktop interface, database, customer relationship management (CRM), and more.

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