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NETGEAR Delivers Higher Business Network Performance With New ProSafe Smart Switch

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 12. NETGEAR, Inc., a worldwide provider of technologically innovative networking solutions for businesses, homes and service providers, today announced the addition of a NETGEAR ProSafe Smart Switch to deliver higher network performance for businesses, without the cost and complexity of traditional enterprise vendor switches. The NETGEAR ProSafe 8-port Gigabit PoE Smart Switch (GS110TP) enables businesses to quickly, easily and cost-effectively handle the explosive growth of voice, video, and data traffic experienced across business networks. Priced under $400, the NETGEAR ProSafe GS110TP is designed for companies that want to enhance their network with a low port density solution with the combination of Gigabit speed and Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability.

"We've been working with the ProSafe GS110TP for the past couple months and the configuration and network management have been extremely intuitive and straightforward," said Andrew Roper of Virginia-based technology integrator, BCS Voice and Data Solutions. "The ProSafe GS110TP is able to monitor VOIP, IP surveillance, and our normal and growing data usage patterns. It is also remarkably versatile and just so much more cost-efficient than using managed switch solutions. Plus, thanks to the compact size and low noise level, we hardly notice it's in our office."

The new NETGEAR ProSafe Smart Switch is for businesses that want to easily deploy VOIP, IP surveillance, or video conferencing and efficiently manage all IP devices such as wireless access points, IP phones and IP cameras on the network. It prioritizes voice and video traffic and other real-time applications over less latency-sensitive traffic, ensuring superior reliability and quality. And it enables businesses to extend the intelligence of their network to connect high speed servers or power users from any location.

"We have customers from businesses of all sizes who need powerful smart switches that reliably move growing volumes of voice, video and data traffic at optimal levels," said Maggie Wu, product line manager, Business Switching for NETGEAR. "Our latest addition to the ProSafe line reflects NETGEAR's commitment to these businesses; we build intelligent products that don't pass cost and complexity onto users. ProSafe Smart Switches are affordable and easy to set up right out of the box."

The ProSafe GS110TP smart switch includes eight dedicated PoE-capable copper ports plus two additional fiber SFP ports for uplinks designed to prioritize, queue and maximize busy traffic on a business network. In addition, the smart switch offers useful PoE power management features to help control and monitor power resources. It has a timer that can help turn off the PoE ports during certain times of the day so that business networks can be more secure. In addition, it increases the energy efficiency of the networks as the switch can prioritize the power usage so that specified ports are always guaranteed to get the power first if total power required exceeds the total power budget. And it assigns PoE ports dynamically depending on the actual power need of the individual network devices so no calculation is necessary. Meanwhile, with a fanless design and compact form factor, the ProSafe GS110TP offers quiet operation and is suitable for deployments in any type of environment, especially ones which are sensitive to noise.

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