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NetEx HyperIP Speeds VMware Offline Desktop Transfer Times By 300%; Makes Offline Desktop Commercially Viable For The First Time

MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- NetEx, the leader in WAN optimization software, announced today that its HyperIP for VMware significantly increases performance of VMware's Offline Desktop technology, making it commercially viable for the first time. In tests performed by NetEx, HyperIP increased transfer times by 300% making it far more efficient and practical to perform critical functions such as VMware View Offline Check-in and Check-out.

Offline Desktop is a promising feature of VMware View, which extends VMware's Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions to include both server-hosted virtual desktops and client virtual desktops. HyperIP for VMware, a software-only implementation of NetEx's award-winning WAN optimization software for disaster recovery, optimizes backup, recovery and data replication applications over existing IP infrastructures enabling unmatched flexibility in deployment and performance scalability on virtual machines. The software-only HyperIP WAN optimizer is downloadable today for a free 10-day trial.

"HyperIP is a powerful tool when using native TCP for WAN transmissions and when users access their server-hosted desktops offline, which is a major obstacle with the current iteration of VMware View," said John Greenwood, Solution Sales Director at NCE Computer Group (Europe) Limited. "HyperIP will make it possible for us to use the View Offline feature in a released fashion versus the current experimental mode allowing our customers to get the performance and productivity they need now and eliminating the need for expensive hardware updates."

"By speeding the WAN performance and eliminating the bottlenecks, HyperIP has proven Offline Desktop can be used as VMware intended, running virtual desktops locally for the best user experience, but managing them centrally through a single administration platform," said Robert MacIntyre, NetEx Vice President of Business Development and Marketing.

NetEx is currently making HyperIP for VMware optimization software available for a free 10-day trial, allowing organizations the time to properly test HyperIP with replication, backup, iSCSI, cloud storage and other IP-based data transfer requirements and managed service offerings prior to making a purchase decision.

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