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NetApp's Virtualization Boss Speaks Up

Brendon Howe, senior director and general manager of the V-Series Business Unit at NetApp, thinks his company's virtualization efforts aren't getting the credit they deserve. And he was eager to set the record straight in a talk with Byte and Switch today.

"NetApp hasn't said a lot on the subject of virtualization, but we've had a lot of activity in this area," says Howe, who joined NetApp in spring 2006 and formerly worked at Acopia, Trebia, and Synernetics.

While Howe's area of focus is the V-Series product line, he insists NetApp's interest in virtualization starts with server consolidation.

"Every dollar spent on server virtualization is equal to three or four dollars spent on storage as part of that consolidated infrastructure," he says.

Howe reiterated NetApp's commitment to partner VMware today, claiming that over the last 12 months, the two firms have racked up 3,000 customers running VMware ESX on NetApp storage platforms. He says about 15 percent of all VMware ESX customers are already using NetApp systems.

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