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NetApp Targets Mid-range NAS, SAN Markets

Network Appliance this week added two new mid-range storage platforms focused on improved performance and simplified management and upgradeability.

This is a mid-generation update to the NetApps platform--comparable to Hewlett-Packard announcing the DL380 now supports Dual-Core Xeons. In fact, that's probably exactly what's going on here; they changed the motherboard on the controller of the 3020, which was single core, to one that supports dual-core processors). It's a little faster--it may be a little more expandable too.
What is somewhat more interesting is NetApp (the NAS guys) using Exchange performance specs and touting their system as a SAN block storage device using Fibre-Channel so prominently. Most people think of NetApp as NAS plus iSCSI boxes but they apparently make just as good an FC array as a Clariion.
Howard Marks
NWC Contributing Editor

The newly available platforms include the NetApp FAS3040 and the NetApp v3040, a virtualization edition. The vendor said the new systems offer 75 percent greater performance and 50 percent more storage than the systems they are updating, the FAS3020. The new systems support file services, FC SAN, IP SAN (or iSCSI), and multiple network configurations. They are based on a 64-bit architecture, with up to 252 disk drives, 126 TB of storage, and high-bandwidth I/O, including embedded 4Gb Fibre Channel ports.

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