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NASA Space Missions Fuel Massive Storage Projects

NASAs Mars mission may be grabbing headlines this week, but there has been a vast storage infrastructure underpinning the nine-month, 422-million-mile trek to the Red Planet.

Data storage projects are playing an increasingly important role for NASA as the administration plans more ambitious space missions and a myriad of cutting-edge research. Officials have already teamed up with Google, for example, around "large-scale data management" and will host a joint conference with the IEEE in September devoted to designing and building “mass storage systems."

From supercomputers to solid state disks (SSDs), here’s a rundown of some of NASA’s current storage projects:

SAN-based supercomputing
NASA is consuming compute power at a rapid rate, forcing officials to rethink their server and storage strategies over the last few months.

The space administration, for example, has already deployed more than 1 Pbyte of disk and 10 Pbytes of tape storage as part of its core SAN infrastructure, which is built mainly on hardware from SGI and Sun/StorageTek.

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