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Mozilla Decision To Drop Windows 98, Me Support Draws Fire

Mozilla Corp. will drop support for the almost-obsolete Windows 98 and Windows Millennium operating systems when it releases Firefox 3.0 sometime in 2007, the company said last week.

Surprisingly, the decision -- which closely followed a move by Microsoft not to patch a critical bug in Windows 98 and Millennium -- was met with some resistance.

One contributor to Bugzilla, the database of fixes for Firefox and other Mozilla software, immediately added a "counter bug" entry questioning the decision.

"Mozilla is running on some other platforms having smaller numbers, so why kill Win98?" wrote someone identified as Hermann Schwab. "If you want to kill it, please don't do it silently in the backyard by checking in something in the trunk, but do a survey about market shares of OS in the new installed (or updated) Firefox."

Mozilla developer Gervase Markham, however, proposed knocking out support for Windows 98 and Millennium not with next year's Firefox 3.0, but starting with Firefox 2.0, which is scheduled to release in August.

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