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Microsoft's Culture Guaranteed Vista Delays

A Microsoft program manager on Thursday pulled a blog entry in which he had claimed that Windows Vista's many delays have been due to overly complicated code and a corporate culture that impose deadlines so unrealistic that slipping is inevitable.

Philip Su, who managed development teams in the Windows group for five years -- and who still works for the Redmond, Wash. company -- called out code interdependencies, an overbearing process that slows down developers, and a culture that forces managers to lie to superiors as the faults that have made Vista the slowest-moving software project in Microsoft's history.

In a blog Su reposted Wednesday -- he pulled it for a week "of my own volition" but republished it to put to rest speculation that "The Man beat me down" -- he bluntly laid the blame on Microsoft's corporate personality.

"When a vice president in Windows asks you whether your team will ship on time, they might well have asked you whether they look fat in their new Armani suit," Su wrote. "It's certainly true in some sense that they genuinely want to know. But in a very important other sense, in a sense that you'll come to regret night after night if you get it wrong, there's really only one answer you can give."

Thursday, Su yanked the blog again.

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