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Merit Of SCO's Lawsuits Against AutoZone, DaimlerChrysler Questioned

SCO Wednesday launched copyright infringement and contractual violation claims against two Linux end users -- AutoZone and DaimlerChrysler -- but the strength of those allegations remains unclear.

On Tuesday, the Lindon, Utah, Unix company filed a copyright infringement claim against Memphis-based AutoZone, a Linux user and former SCO customer, for allegedly using one or more versions of Linux that infringe on SCO's rights to Unix System V.

AutoZone was previously identified in SCO's legal case against IBM filed last March. In that filing, SCO claimed the auto part supplier was in breach of its OpenServer License Agreement for allegedly using OpenServer shared libraries to permit legacy applications to run on Linux.

According to the eight-page lawsuit filed at the United States District Court in Nevada, SCO is now suing AutoZone directly and seeking damages for broad copyright infringement of SCO-owned documentation, manuals and "protected expression of code, structure, sequence and/or organization in many categories of Unix System V functionality."

"Defendant uses one or more versions of the Linux operating system that infringe on SCO's exclusive rights in its proprietary Unix System V operating system technology," the lawsuit claims. "Parts or all of the copyrighted material has been copied or otherwise improperly used as a basis for creation of derivative work software code, including one or more Linux implementations, including Linux versions 2.4 and 2.6, without the permission of SCO."

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