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Los Alamos Fallout Continues

Los Alamos National Lab. director Peter Nanos says that the troubled research site is moving towards the resumption of its normal operations, although there is still no sign of the missing disks that sparked the Lab's current crisis (see Los Alamos Searches for Lost Media).

In a bulletin that appeared on the Labs Website today, the former Admiral said that Los Alamos is moving “toward reopening in a safe and secure manner” and added that the site would win the “battle” to ensure a proper focus on safety, security, and compliance. Operations at the nuclear research center were recently suspended while staff attempted to locate the missing media.

So far, according to Nanos, 84 of the 122 groups that use Classified Removable Electronic Media (CREM) at Los Alamos have been newly inventoried, although the lab is yet to complete its investigation of the missing disks.

Nanos gave no indication of when these investigations are likely to be completed but urged workers to remain “intolerant” of co-workers who flaunt safety and security procedures.

In his bulletin, Nanos admitted that a number of Los Alamos’s 7,500 employees are feeling the strain. Some Los Alamos managers have said they are overwhelmed “keeping up with all that has been asked of them,” he noted.

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