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Linux/Unix Vulnerabilities Outnumber Windows' 3 To 1

Tallies kept by the U.S. government's computer security group show that Linux and Unix operating systems faced nearly three times the number of vulnerabilities in 2005 than did Microsoft's often-maligned Windows.

In the US-CERT (United Stated Computer Emergency Readiness Team) year-end vulnerability summary, Linux/Unix accounted for a whopping 2,328 vulnerabilities, about 45 percent of the 5,198 total.

Windows, on the other hand, sported just 812 vulnerabilities during the year, said US-CERT, or 16 percent of the total.

Another 2,058 vulnerabilities affected more than one operating system.

Although US-CERT didn't break out Mac vulnerabilities in a separate category, the Linux/Unix section listed more than 25 attributed to the Apple Computer operating system.

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