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LineSider Launches Industry's First Network Services Virtualization Platform

Danvers, MA, October 19, 2009 - LineSider Technologies, Inc. today announced OverDrive, the industry's
first network services virtualization platform that enables enterprises
and service providers to automate the provisioning and deployment of
network services in cloud computing environments.OverDrive is a powerful software network virtualization solution that automates and orchestrates end-to-end service delivery by virtualizing discreet network services in response to changes occurring to dynamic resources such as users, applications, virtual compute, physical compute and storage. As resources are moved or changed, OverDrive automatically modifies and changes the underlying network infrastructure based on business policies that define the relationship between users, computing, and network resources.

Datacenters, users and applications have all become fluid elements in this new flexible computing model however networks were not designed for this new dynamic reality. They are still static. Every time an application, computer or storage resource changes in the virtual datacenter, there needs to be manual intervention to provision network services or repair broken security and access models. Without OverDrive a single request to move a critical application to a new physical or virtual location could easily require hundreds of separate device-level configuration updates that could take weeks to implement manually across a fully deployed network or data center. With OverDrive the entire process takes seconds, and more importantly the security models are still intact.

"This functionality is critical for cloud service providers," said Harley Stowell, CEO and President at LineSider. "For the first time, cloud service providers can have isolated VLAN segments created dynamically for their customers without sacrificing the security of their infrastructure services.  Their customers have instant access to a multi-tiered, partitioned environment created specifically for their compute resources and protected from other customers by OverDrive's Business Policies."

"Managing IT needs at our various sites and ensuring we could easily meet reporting requirements had become more challenging as our network grew in scale," said Larry Challenger, vice president of
information technology at GMH. "With OverDrive, we will be able to leverage technology, rather than relying on sheer manpower, to effectively manage our network resources. OverDrive's automated,
policy-driven network services virtualization platform has enabled us to cut our IT operating costs by almost 80%."

OverDrive Network Services Virtualization Platform
OverDrive orchestrates real-time automation and control of network services including access and security across both the logical and physical network based on business policies. Business policies are automatically translated into device-level configurations that dynamically create and adjust network services in real-time as changes in the dynamic computing environment occur.

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