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Layer 7 First To Launch Fifth-Generation XML Acceleration Technology

VANCOUVER, British Columbia.(BUSINESS WIRE) Layer 7 Technologies, the leader in security and governance for SOA and cloud, today announced that it is the first vendor to ship fifth-generation XML processing silicon in its XML Gateway technology. Compared to software-only products, which can process less than one gigabit per second of schema validation even with 16 processor cores, fifth-generation silicon can process a full gigabit of complex, real-world schemas using less than half of one core, leaving the remaining cores available for other processes. This translates directly to power savings, an increasing concern in data center and cloud applications.

The latest version of Layer 7's SecureSpan XML Gateway appliance delivers market-leading XML acceleration while minimizing power consumption by economizing on processor utilization. It builds on the performance benefits of Layer 7's parsing technology that pre-processes each task to eliminate wasted operations before the silicon is invoked. The fifth-generation, hardware-accelerated XML Gateways are available today alongside Layer 7's software, VMware Virtual Appliance, SecureSpan Gateway AMI for Amazon Web Services and CloudSpan suite of products.

"Customers want flexibility. With Layer 7's SecureSpan products, they can migrate between hardware, software, virtual appliances and cloud Gateways as they please," said Scott Morrison, CTO of Layer 7 Technologies. "But when faced with demanding data processing needs, they want the fastest appliances with the lowest power consumption. Software-only solutions can't deliver price-power-performance characteristics that the largest telecommunications companies, banks and government organizations need. Layer 7 gives these end-users the ability to scale up without inflated server and power costs, or the fear of vendor lock-in."

Based on the latest content processing technology from LSI, Layer 7's acceleration technology leverages both its own decade-long investment in XML Gateways and LSI's multi-year investment and innovation in content and XML processing. Existing Layer 7 customers can migrate their licenses to the new hardware appliance from their software, virtual appliance, cloud, AMI or hardware Gateways. Contact your account manager for details, or email [email protected]