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Law Firm Solves Exchange Server Issues With GOexchange

As one of the largest law firms in Texas, Jackson Walker offers expertise in many areas of the law and supports a regional base of over 300 attorneys supporting the firm's corporate clients. Those include Fortune 500 companies, multi-national corporations and major financial institutions with high profile cases in significant industries.

So, it is essential that the company have a strong system of communication, and the firm relies on e-mail as the vital component that maintains a smooth flow of business communications both internally and externally for communication with clients. Jackson Walker uses Microsoft Exchange Server with a network that supports over 620 e-mail boxes, and four storage groups with 19 databases. Exchange is a fundamental conduit for internal and external communications, and the reliability and performance of Exchange services has a measurable impact on the organization’s performance and bottom line.

Business Problem

Unfortunately, each year more and more Exchange users face the devastating consequences of server disasters caused by overloaded and under-maintained systems Like all complex database systems, Exchange Server slowly degrades and inevitably fails over time unless it is properly maintained, and Jackson Walker’s Exchange server had grown less and less stable over a period of time.

In a few instances, the information stores would randomly go offline and on one occasion, where the system completely shut down, it took an entire day to restore server functionality. In addition, Jackson Walker had been using Veritas’ KVS product for archiving, but while KVS had extracted over 200 gigabytes of data from the Exchange Server, the databases themselves were not getting any smaller, and the number of errors and warnings were growing along with the time it took to backup and restore.

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