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KEMP Technologies Adds VLAN Trunking and Link Interface Bonding to Family of Load Balancers

YAPHANK, N.Y., Nov. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- KEMP Technologies today announced that it has added link interface bonding, and VLAN trunking support as a part of the new version 5.0 of its LoadMaster family of server load balancer appliances and application delivery controllers. Combined with existing Layer 7 content switching and integrated SSL acceleration functionality, these new capabilities assure that businesses that rely on the Internet can improve performance and high availability - all in one affordable hardware platform.

The new LoadMaster 5.0 provides link interface bonding, which increases performance and throughput for each individual virtual service (VIP). By combining the bandwidth of two links, each one gains almost double the capacity and link failover in the event of network disruption to one of the bonded lines. Now all current LoadMaster appliances provide four-to-18 network interfaces for inbound traffic requests, leveraging multiple network interfaces in order to achieve higher throughput.

Customers can now easily install LoadMaster appliances into their current VLAN architecture without the hassle of network reconfiguration. Customers with mature networks with embedded VLANs have reliable, fail-proof VLAN performance to successfully carry traffic between VLANs, which otherwise are local to a switch.

The LoadMaster now features customizable HTTP header insertion to better support SSL processing and offloading. Today's web-enabled applications typically require special HTTP headers. Without these headers, which many load balancers are not able to provide, it can be difficult to offload SSL processing or to provide Layer 7 persistence handling. Additionally, the LoadMaster 5.0 also enables configurable Host Headers in HTTP 1.1 health checks. This unique feature provides application administrators with much deeper and more granular control over health checking of web and back-end applications.

Other new features that have been added include the LoadMaster 5.0 now fully supports the direct generation of 2048-bit SSL private keys for all new or renewal EV (Extended Validation) Certificate requests, as well as the import of 2048-bit keys when migrating SSL Certificates from web servers such as Apache or IIS.

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