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June is Backup Awareness Month

Palo Alto, California (PRWEB) June 1, 2009 -- A study conducted on behalf of Backblaze showed that individual backup habits have gone nearly unchanged year-over-year. Despite 46% of computer users every year losing photos, music, and other data from viruses, theft, hard drive crashes and a slew of similar causes[1], 94% of computer users continue to not do regular backups daily.[2]

To help users start backing up their computers, Backblaze is giving away a 1-year online backup subscription every day during this June's Backup Awareness Month. For more details, visit

As a best practice, regular backups are defined as happening at least once per day. Unfortunately, there has been no change in the number of users doing backups at this frequency. There is a slight silver lining in the survey: while the percentage of users backing up daily went unchanged, there was a small improvement in users backing up at least weekly (13% vs. 14%) or monthly (27% vs. 26%).[2] This infrequent type of backup still results in significant pain when data loss occurs, but it points to some increased awareness of the importance of data backup.

Last year, sales of laptops - which are more susceptible to theft, loss, and breakage - overtook desktops; users buy more digital cameras, iPods, smartphones; and they take more digital photos, buy more digital music, and create more digital documents for work and home.[3] An average new computer today with a 320 GB hard drive can store over 30,000 photos, 20,000 songs, and 100 full-length movies. [4] Despite all of this, computer users continue to act as if their data is impervious to loss.

"For several years, Backup Awareness Month has been a time to examine whether your computer and those of your family and friends are being properly backed up," said Gleb Budman, CEO of Backblaze, "To help people start backing up, we are giving away free 1-year subscriptions to Backblaze online backup every day this month."
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