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iWave Software Announces Next-Generation IT Platform And Run Books For Data Center Automation And Private Cloud Management

FRISCO, Texas. iWave Software, the leading independent provider of Data Center Orchestration, Automation and Cloud Management software, today announced the general availability of iWave Orchestrator, a next generation solution for the automated management of data centers and on-demand enterprise IT environments. The company also announced the availability of new run books (prebuilt workflows) for Dynamic Server Provisioning, Private Cloud Management, Automated Disaster Recovery and Automated Workflow Management.

"iWave Orchestrator represents a significant improvement into the way IT Process Automation (ITPA) and Private Clouds initiatives are implemented," said Brent Rhymes, president of iWave Software. "Orchestrator combines the key technologies of iWave Automator and Enigmatec EMS into a best platform to orchestrate the complex and routine processes in today's data centers and tomorrow's on-demand (cloud) IT environments."

The benefits seen by iWave Orchestrator customers are staggering in terms of cost and efficiency savings. They include:
    * Reduced Operational Costs: Automation can increase server to admin ratio by 800 percent and allow the reallocation of existing staff to support new or strategic initiatives.
    * Improved Business Agility: Provisioning times for new servers needed to support strategic business can be delivered 30 percent quicker and without tying up critical IT resources.
    * Reduced Risk: Automation can eliminate 40 percent of service outages introduced through removing manual, error-prone, human intervention.
    * Ensuring Compliance: Audit preparation time can be reduced 30-50 percent through repeatable, compliant processes and comprehensive audit documentation.

ITPA removes manual, error-prone steps, eliminates time lags and improves the timeliness and accuracy of the delivered services. ITPA drives data center success by masking the IT infrastructure complexity and automating the routine. Routine or complex administrator tasks are transformed into sustainable, repeatable and compliant processes all executed without manual intervention.

"In a market with few standards and vendor tool portfolios built from loosely integrated point products, RBA tools provide ideal integration glue. If process automation is what you seek, I recommend purchasing a stand-alone RBA tool and using it as the primary automation integration engine," states Gartner Analyst David Williams in his report entitled "Will Vendor Initiatives Deplete the Value of RBA?"

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