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Isilon Announces VMware Certification

SEATTLE -- Isilon Systems [NASDAQ: ISLN], the leader in clustered storage, today announced that Isilon’s new X-Series clustered storage systems have been certified and integrated with VMware® ESX Server 3.0. Isilon’s clustered storage systems, applying the same principles used in virtualized computing, create a high performance and highly scalable, single, shared pool of virtualized storage to enable instant access to critical business information, while dramatically reducing the costs and complexity of managing storage growth. By combining Isilon clustered storage with the VMware ESX Server, enterprises can eliminate traditional storage as a bottleneck and create a fully virtualized infrastructure – from servers to storage – which increases data center flexibility and utilization while reducing costs. Isilon announced the release of its X-Series clustered storage systems today (see separate press release).

“Today’s enterprise data center customers are seeking improved efficiency in the purchase and deployment of physical IT assets. For many, this means providing greater asset consolidation through the use of server virtualization solutions. At the same time, they are also experiencing tremendous growth in file-level and unstructured data,” said Brad Nisbet, Program Manager, IDC. “This shift necessitates a storage layer capable of supporting the data needs within a virtualized server environment, ensuring the ability to manage the growth of unstructured data and to maximize the investments in virtualized computing.”

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