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Ipanema Technologies Launches the First Integrated WAN Optimization And Application Performance Management Solution to Reach 8Gbps WAN Speeds

PARIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Ipanema Technologies, the industry leader in integrated solutions for enterprise WAN management, today reinforced its commitment to large enterprises by launching the first integrated WAN Optimization and Application Performance Management solution to reach 8Gbps WAN speeds. Ipanema's Stack clustering architecture for Ipanema's ip|engines allows enterprises to scale Application Visibility, QoS, Control and WAN Optimization up to 8 Gbps throughput on WAN links. Both international and domestic organizations in the private and public sectors can deploy Ipanema's Stack architecture to get full control of their very large datacenters and deliver guaranteed quality of experience to thousands of users through their global network. Implementing global WAN Governance is now possible, even for the largest network and datacenter architectures.

Ipanema's Stack architecture leverages industry standard EtherChannel port trunking technology, enabling both high capacity and high availability ip|engine appliance deployments. This new deployment option can manage up to 8 Gbps on WAN links using up to 8 active ip|engines 1800ax. The architecture supports high availability with 1 to 8 additional ip|engines deployed as hot backups. Through intelligent coordination, the ip|engines in the cluster behave like one big device. All the benefits of Ipanema's unique Autonomic Networking system, including Application Visibility, QoS, Control and WAN Optimization are delivered seamlessly in very large datacenter environments.

Using Ipanema Stack, all the applications are classified up to layer 7 enabling the distinction between business critical and non business critical traffic. Dynamic global Quality of Service (QoS) is applied on each individual session. Chatty or bandwidth hungry applications are accelerated using a central disk cache of up to 18 Terabytes. Working in synergy with TCP acceleration and application specific acceleration such as CIFS, Ipanema's redundancy elimination can deliver state of the art response time reduction to support the largest server consolidation or datacenter replication initiatives.

Ipanema's Stack architecture leverages Ipanema's unique Autonomic Networking architecture that allows for automated, intelligent coordination between appliances. Appliances in a cluster constantly collaborate to manage the traffic they handle, behaving as if they were a single unit. "Enterprises need to shift the growing complexity of their optimized WAN and datacenter architecture away from their operational teams. This is what Ipanema's Autonomic Networking architecture is all about." Said Frank Lyonnet, VP Product Marketing at Ipanema Technologies. "With Ipanema's Stack, we bring the Autonomic Networking benefits of self-configuration and self-adaptation to very large datacenter architectures."

Ipanema is renowned for managing large-scale complex enterprise networks, leading major telcos such as BT, Orange Business Services, Reliance Globalcom, TATA Communications, Cable & Wireless, KDDI, KPN International, T-Systems, Telecom Italia, as well system integrators including T-Systems, Telindus, SITA, Bull, Nextiraone, and Spie to develop application centric managed services on Ipanema technology.