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Iomega's Latest Autoloader Designed To Replace Tape

Iomega on Thursday unveiled a new autoloader that uses removable disk cartridges instead of tape, and the company is looking to solution providers to take the solution to the small-business market.

Iomega's REV Loader 280 allows the automatic feeding of up to eight REV disk cartridges, said Robert Lutz, product line manager at the San Diego-based storage vendor. "It's the world's first desktop, hard drive-based data automation device," he said.

The REV Loader 280 works like a tape autoloader in that the user can load up to eight disk cartridges into slots inside the unit. Each REV disk has a native capacity of 35 Gbytes, or up to 70 Gbytes compressed, for a total capacity of up to 560 Gbytes. Inside is a positive-stop loading cartridge device that brings the right disk into the docking station for data backups and recovery as if it were a tape.

With the REV Loader 280, small businesses can do disk rotation in the same way they currently rotate tapes, such as one disk for each daily backup and one for the weekly backup, Lutz said. The disks then can be taken off-site for archival or disaster-recovery purposes.

The REV Loader 280 comes bundled with Computer Associates' BrightStor ARCserve Backup for Windows standard edition with a single server license and a disaster recovery CD. It connects to a Windows-based server via USB 2.0.

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