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Iomega Debuts Small NAS Hardware

Iomega on Monday rolled out two models of an entry-level network attached storage (NAS) device the San Diego-based storage vendor is targeting at small- and medium-sized businesses, remote offices, and corporate workgroups.

The cube-shaped Iomega 200d Series, which comes in models boasting 320GB and 480GB of storage capacity, comes standard with Microsoft Storage Server 2003 software, and is designed to work with both traditional ATA drives and Iomega's own Rev removable hard drives that the company released in April.

The 320GB 200d uses a pair of 160GB ATA drives, while the 480GB device offers a trio. The smaller model connects to the network via a 10/100/1000 Ethernet port (the 480 sports a pair of such ports), and for adding more storage, connecting tape drives, or linking Iomega Rev units, the devices include four USB 2.0 ports. The 480 also features an UltraSCSI 320 port.

Both models also include Iomega's Automatic Backup Software and Computer Associates' eTrust anti-virus software.

Iomega is aiming the 200d at Microsoft-centric shops as an alterative to Linux-based entry-level storage, file, and print servers, said company executives.

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