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Insider: SRM Spells 'Challenge'

What IT manager today wouldn't welcome better control over the storage infrastructure? Sadly, few are able to make their wish a reality, according to the latest Byte and Switch Insider.

The report, Storage Resource Management: Barriers and Breakthroughs, analyzes the current and projected market for SRM from the perspective of what users want from SRM wares, what challenges they face, what issues they must resolve to implement SRM, and who the suppliers are.

Storage managers crave the simplicity and savings provided by SRM tools that help with data collection, correlation, analysis, and automation of storage-related data and tasks. However, many don't have the time and money required to implement SRM.

The chief time suckers involve internal decision making. For example, the initial choice about what to manage involves a range of issues: What kind of storage hardware -- as well as systems hardware, such as servers -- will come under the SRM tools? Will data within the storage gear be managed? What about data crossing the wire to the SAN or NAS? Will policies be set for specific types of data?

All this requires cooperation and concessions amongst groups in an organization. This is never an easy goal, but unless all departments agree little progress can be made.

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